Engineering Solutions to Mechanics, Marine Structures and Infrastructures (ISSN: 3006-2837) is an open access journal and publishes original research papers, reviews, technical papers, and research briefs in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to mechanics, mechanical engineering, ocean engineering, and civil engineering. The journal dedicates to advancing scientific research and engineering practice. It focuses on the latest technological advancements, innovative theories, and practical experiences in the fields of mechanics, mechanical engineering, marine engineering, and civil engineering, providing the latest research results and theoretical discussions to promote industry development and academic progress. The journal undergoes strict peer review to ensure the academic quality and originality of the published content, promoting academic exchange and disciplinary advancement.


Dr. Dapeng Zhang
Guangdong Ocean University
Interests: Dynamics in Marine Structures; Hydrodynamic Analysis of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering; Ocean Clean Energy

Honorary Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Keqiang Zhu
Faculty of Maritime and Transportation ,Ningbo University, Ningbo, 315211,China
Interests: Dynamic Performance and Environmental Impact of Ships and Marine Structures; Ship Handling and Mooring; Motion and Strength Analysis of Multi-Body Systems in Marine Engineering; Dynamic Response of Marine Pipeline Structure Systems, and New Technologies for Ship Repair and Construction
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